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Sutton High School GDST萨顿高级中学,本文简要介绍英国Sutton High School GDST萨顿高级中学,希望对想要申请英国萨顿高级中学的同学有所帮助。



  Sutton High School GDST 萨顿高级中学 ,55 Cheam Road,

  Sutton, Surrey SM1 2AX

  Tel: 020 8642 0594 Fax: 020 8642 2014

  • GIRLS, 3–18, Day

  • Pupils 743, Upper sixth 62

  • Termly fees £2243–£2883


  • Enquiries/application to the Headteacher

  What it’s like

  Founded in 1884, it is located on a 5-acre site near the centre of Sutton and occupies what were six adjacent family houses in Cheam Road and Grove Road. There has been much recent development, including most recently a sixth form centre and junior school classrooms. The junior school is on the same campus and shares some of the sports facilities. Playing fields are at Cheam. Pupils in Year 11 have their own common room and do not have to wear uniform. A high value is placed on academic study both as an end in itself and as a preparation for adult life and work. Examination results are very good. There is a considerable commitment to music and much strength in drama. A good range of games and sports (high standards are achieved) and plentiful extra-curricular activities. Senior girls are encouraged to contribute to local social services and the school has an impressive record in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.

  School profile

  Pupils & entrance

  Pupils: Total age range 3–18; 743 day girls. Senior department 11–18, 500 girls.

  Entrance: Main entry ages 3, 4, 6, 11 and 16. Own entrance exam used; for sixth-form entry, 8 good GCSEs (grade A in sixth-form subjects). Good academic ability looked for; no religious requirements. State school entry 45% of senior intakes.

  Scholarships, bursaries & extras Academic scholarships, value up to 50% fees (at 11 and 16); also sixth-form music and art scholarships. Bursaries in cases of financial need. Parents not expected to buy textbooks; extras include instrumental studies, speech and drama.

  Head & staff

  Headteacher: Stephen Callaghan, appointed 2003. Educated at Hitchin Boys’ Grammar School and Durham University (French and German). Previously Deputy Head at Guildford High.

  Teaching staff: 55 full time, 21 part time. Annual turnover approx 5%.

  Exam results

  GCSE: In 2003, 70 pupils in Year 11, 100% gained at least grade C in 8+ subjects. Average GCSE score 66 (65 over 5 years).


  levels: 62 in upper sixth. Average final point score achieved by upper sixth formers 353.

  University & college entrance 100% of 2003 sixth-form leavers went on to a degree course (25% after a gap year), 13% to Oxbridge. 40% take courses in medicine, sciences & engineering, 25% in humanities & social sciences, 25% in art and languages, 6% in maths, economics and ICT, 4% in vocational coursees eg sport.

  Curriculum GCSE, AS and A-levels. 24 AS/A-level subjects.

  Sixth form: Most sixth formers take 4 subjects at AS-level, 3 at A-level.

  Vocational: Work experience available.

  Languages: French, Spanish and German offered to GCSE and A-level. Regular exchanges to France and Germany.

  ICT: Taught both as a discrete subject and across the curriculum (eg research, analysis of findings and presentation of results in many subjects). All pupils take GCSE ICT. 190+ computers for pupil use (7+ hours a day), all networked and with e-mail and internet access.

  The arts

  Music: Over 40% of pupils learn a musical instrument; instrumental exams can be taken. Musical groups include choirs, orchestra, band and string orchestra; many concerts held.

  Drama: Many pupils are involved in school productions and annual drama competitions. Over 50% take LAMDA, Poetry Society and Guildhall drama awards.

  Art, design & technology: Approx 40 take GCSE, 20 A-level. Options include pottery, photography, textiles, graphic design, food technology.

  Sport & activities

  Sport: Hockey, netball, tennis, rounders, swimming, gymnastics, badminton, volleyball, aerobics compulsory. GCSE and AS-level PE may be taken. Several pupils in national and county squads.

  Activities: Pupils take bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Community service optional. Approx £9000 pa raised for charity. Many clubs, eg computer, chess, debating, drama, football, Christian Union.

  School life

  Uniform: School uniform worn except in Year 11 and sixth form.

  Houses & prefects: No competitive houses. Head girl and deputy – elected by staff and seniors. School Council.

  Religion: Attendance at daily assembly expected unless parents request otherwise.

  Social: Regular joint activities with Sutton Grammar School. Visits to complement curriculum courses. Organised trips in UK and abroad. Pupils allowed to bring own car/bike to school. Meals self-service. No tobacco or alcohol allowed.

  Discipline Pupils failing to produce homework or who commit a serious misdemeanour will have after-school detention. Unacceptable behaviour in lessons will warrant an order mark. Theft, abusive behaviour or being in possession of, or under the influence of any illegal substance or alcohol will lead to exclusion and possibly expulsion.

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